I’m trying to implement a regular writing practice. It’s a very small step, I know, but I have a date with myself every Monday, and so far I haven’t skipped a day since I’ve implemented it. (only a few months, but small consistencies are still consistencies!)

Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve written here! I feel like I probably owe you all an introduction, but I’m not going to do it. If you’re here, chances are you know me. If you don’t know me…well, sticking around is probably not the best way to go about it, since I update this blog with shocking infrequency! I have decided, however, to at least attempt to use this blog as a way of keeping me accountable.

Anyone remember LiveJournal? This is my new LiveJournal. An online, very uninteresting diary of sorts.

So. Hi. πŸ™‚

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