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Marc Jacobs by Influenster

Oh my goodness. Ya’ll. What an exciting day! I signed up several weeks ago for Influenster, drawn in by the allure of free things. I never really expected anything to come of it, or thought if it did they might send me some drugstore makeup in completely unwearable colors. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out I had been selected to receive a complimentary Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic luxury eyeshadow palette in the shade “Glambition!”

This is a gorgeous palette in hugely wearable neutrals, with shimmery gold and rose thrown in for fun! The colors are very creamy and blendable. I’m honored to be part of the Marc Jacobs #TheDressedEye campaign, and have worn these eyeshadows just about every day since I received the palette.

Eyeconic eyeshadow palette in “Glambition”

View Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic at

*This product was sent to me, free of charge, by Influenster for testing and review purposes.

#TheDressedEye #contest

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