Happy Independence Day

Hey friends. 🙂 Happy Fourth of July! For the longest time, this has been my second-favorite holiday, right up after Thanksgiving. I love having a day in the middle of summer to celebrate freedom. That sounds super cliche, but it’s true! I love it when people -friends, family, strangers even- come together over something greater.

There’s so much I should be doing today. My wedding is 28 days away, and there are still SO many things to be done. But I have my dress, and my shoes, and my veil, and my handsome groom, and we have a minister, so really what more is there? I was beginning to quietly freak out and feel overwhelmed the other day and DJ stopped me. He reminded me what this is really about: the start of our lives together, not a production for other people. We are inviting other people to witness our covenant before God, not so we can put on a show and impress them with our perfectly chosen chair-ribbons and placeholders. This is about a marriage, not a wedding.

SO I’m not doing anything today. I slept in until I woke up naturally (do you know what a luxury that is!) and got up slowly. Made coffee, did some yoga. Put on my face, curled my hair, headed over to DJs. Made dessert. Went out and bought fireworks. I’m super excited about the fireworks! Basically I am being as lazy as all get-out, and I don’t feel the slightest bit ashamed of it.

PS. 28 days. If anyone’s counting.

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