About Abby

Hi there! I’m a personal banker by day, and an aspiring writer and pie-maker by night (or weekend, mostly). I dream big and live for sunlight, summer, and my Jesus. I drink whiskey, rose, and far too much coffee.

I like girly things like manicures and makeup and clothes but I don’t ever want to lose sight of this simple truth: people are more important than things.

My wedding photographer told me “I feel like photographers just spend their lives chasing after the light,” and honestly I feel like that describes me just as well, only my light is in words more than photographs!

My husband is DJ. He makes me laugh. A lot. He believes I’m going to be the next J.K Rowling, and his confidence gives me courage. He believes in justice and truth and fairness and he challenges me to stand up for myself and to own it. He makes me a better person.